We have comprised a supply list for the 5th grade students for the new school year, so that you will not be overwhelmed in September.  We would like the students to have the following (Mrs. Smoose’s Class has an overabundance of notated items):


1.         6 thick marble copybooks (NO SPIRALS)

2.         One pack of 24 crayons

3.         2 Fat glue sticks to be collected

4.         one pack of colored markers (NO PERMANENT OR SHARPIES)

5.         regular pencils

6.         ruler (Mrs. Smoose,  only)

7.         red pens

8.         loose leaf paper for – good copies of essay writing that gets collected

9.         one pack of 5 x 7 index cards for:   research (not Mrs. Smoose’s class)

10.   one box of tissues to be collected

11.   one pack of post-its 3”x 3” (approx.) to be collected

12.   one large size box of Ziploc type bags for:  loose pencils, crayons, other desk items, word cards, science  

         (NOT Mrs. Smoose)

13.   one set of dry erase markers

14.   one Green Plastic HEAVY DUTY folder with fasteners (100 book)

15.   two packs of index cards for:   word cards

16.   pair of scissors                                                                            

17.   Lysol wipes / similar brands to be collected for: desk cleaning, hand cleaning (not Mrs. Smoose’s class)

18.   Soft pencil case

                        *pencils – and resupply constantly please


19. Two standard packs of colored pencils – name on the box

20. Two hand pencil sharpeners – with a lid to catch the shavings

21. One box of white envelopes for: study cards, money for school collections/orders

22. One pack of 3 x5 index cards (several packs for study cards)

23. Five Folders with pockets

            Label all with:  name, homeroom, subjects:

                        (Blue) Test folder

                        (Purple) Math

                        (Red) Reading

                        (White) Social Studies and Science


Thank you for your support.                                    

5th grade teachers